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When choosing lighting for high bay ceilings, efficiency is important. Usually these lights operate for atleast 50 hours a week for any given business throughout the year, these latest technology lights gives you better lighting levels with low energy consumption.


Here's the deal:

SAVE ENERGY UPTO 80% - Low-wattage LED HIGH BAY lighting (120 watts) saves up to 75% energy consumption compared to old Mercury Vapours/ Metal Halides & with the modern beam angle which results in your factory/ warehouse/ work shop to be exceptionally bright using lesser energy.

BRIGHT, CLEAN AND SLIM DESIGN - Beautiful slim design for the best looks, high quality lighting fixtures for those tough and harsh environments. They come with a IP65 rating

RELIABLE, LOW MAINTENANCE - Our LED HIGH BAYS help reduce maintenance, reduce energy use and achieve sustainability goals, positively impacting your bottom line.

Latest Technology High Bay Lights

UPGRADE TO LED WITH REBATE: Our most popular LED Highbays now with govt rebate for business operating in NSW & VIC.

At LED EDGE we always work with the latest technology products in the market. Designed and engineered to maximize the benefits of LED lighting, our low-wattage LED HIGHBAY lights starting from 100 watts and goes up to 2000 watts saves upto 80% energy consumption compared to old Mercury Vapours/ Metal Halides & with the modern beam angle which results in your factory, warehouse, workshop, production area.

Our smart and simple lighting solutions provide a multitude of advanced capabilities for managing energy, minimizing wasted light and power, and providing feedback to users that will optimize lighting utilization and performance over time.


The LED Edge highbays can be installed with ease and are maintenance free, saving you from the hassle of changing globes. Our Qualified & experienced technicians swap your lights from Mercury Vapours/ Metal Halides to LEDs at ease to make the process seamless.

Our LED HIGH BAYS are approved by IPART Program and meets all Australian standards.

Applications Used in:

  • Warehouses
  • Factory
  • Production areas
  • Workshops
  • Manufacturing
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Outstanding Design Efficiency

Ideal for commercial and industrial warehouse spaces with high ceilings that require higher than average lux levels, the LED High bay series maximises design efficiency, allowing you to use less energy in your lighting usage while swapping from old mercury vapours/ factory lights.

Cost savings are evident while swapping your factory lights to LED’s with the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, The current and future electricity charges including network demand/capacity charges and the carbon tax. From 400 watts to a SWAP of 120 watts you ideally save approx. 70% on energy consumption.

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Save 70% Energy Consumption on High Bay LED Lights

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LED high bays are the ideal replacements for the traditional 25/400/1000 watts Factory or warehouse lights. On most cases they are Metal halides or Mercury vapour globes which are replaced with latest UFO high bays from 100 watts but much brighter than old lights.
Not only known for its great brightness, these LED High bays are also well known for their less energy consumption. On Most cases they save up to 65% energy from 440 watts Metal halides to 120 watts Led high bays saving approx. 65%.
With Rebates available in NSW for swapping traditional 400 watts or above factory/ warehouse lights, we also offer installation for FREE on most cases or for a very minimal cost depending on the site and access.
Find out the size of the warehouse.Choose your preferred LED lighting solutions.Check the specs of your preferred LED lighting solutions.Let’s say you chose a LED high bay lighting fixture that has a wattage of 95. You will need around 42 fixtures equally spread in this case to maximise your lighting power allowance.