LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lighting For Pleasant Experience

Why LED Flood Lighting ?

Floods creates the right atmosphere. Commercial lighting isn't just the parking lot or exterior lights your customers see when they first approach your business. It is also the exterior lighting that helps to create the atmosphere that you need to welcome them into your business for an enjoyable experience and for the right safety standards.

Flood Lighting Known for its Outstanding Design Efficiency

Outstanding Design Efficiency

Ideal for commercial and industrial warehouse spaces with high ceilings that require higher than average lux levels, the LED Flood Light series maximises design efficiency, allowing you to use less energy in your lighting usage while swapping from old mercury vapours/ factory lights.

With the enormous popularity of the compact slim design came the desire for a larger and more powerful Flood light. Latest Floods boasts more than any light before it, with increased build strength and an unmatched output that is borderline excessive.

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Flood Lights are Ideal For Industrial & Commercial Purposes

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